Los Angeles Couple Plays Weekend Porch Concerts For Their Neighbors



While things have been constantly changing in our world over the last three and a half months, one thing that has remained constant through the global pandemic? People taking walks around their neighborhoods just to get out of the house and get some exercise, or safely socialize with people outside of their household.

And in Pasadena, California, one couple has been putting on concerts from their porches since the very beginning of the pandemic.

The concerts began with Beong-Soo Kim practicing his cello on his porch that first weekend of quarantine. That practicing session quickly became a small, impromptu concert because people out walking around the neighborhood stopped to listen and applaud as he finished songs.

After the first weekend, Beong-Soo decided he would perform with the help of his wife.

“And then the next weekend, because it’s much more fun to play with someone else rather than by yourself, I persuaded Bonnie.”

Bonnie Wongtrakool, Beong-Soo's wife, plays the piano, so the duo started playing hour-long concerts on their porch each weekend for neighbors and those who happen to be walking by at the right now.

The only catch? The couple does not play at the same time each Saturday and Sunday, out of concern for social distancing.

They explained, "we’re kind of hesitant to set a time because, you know, we don’t want too many people to come for social distancing reasons."

Neighbors within ear shot are lucky enough to be able to sit outside their own homes and listen to the music, often pulling out lawn chairs and getting what is certainly the only live performance they have seen in months (and will see for months to come.)

Have any of you happened upon the couple's concerts in Pasadena?! This sounds like such a fun thing for the neighborhood!

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