Pregnant Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Have Not Picked Out A Name Yet

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LA Premiere Of Amazon's "Carnival Row" - Arrivals

If you have kids or are pregnant right now, you know what it's like to make an attempt to pick out a baby name... for some it comes immediately and easily, for others, you just feel like you don't know it's right until the last minute.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child together, a baby girl, and Katy is due in "just several more weeks." But that doesn't mean the pair has officially picked out their daughter's name!

In fact, Katy recently spoke in an interview about wanting to meet their daughter before making the final decision.

"We have yet to decide specifically on her name because, I think, we've got options and she'll tell us... I'll look at her and go, 'Oh yeah yeah, you are her, you are that.' "

I can certainly relate to Katy's feeling of not knowing exactly what to name your kid even as the due date is approaching. Right from the start when Michael and I found out we were having boy/girl twins, we for some reason were very set on the name Aiza for our daughter. But when it came to naming our son, we were VERY lost. It wasn't until just moments before I got anesthesia for my C-section that we officially decided on Maxon.

So if you're pregnant and worried about not knowing what to name your child, I promise it will come to you! Even if you have to see their face and meet them first.

Katy also talked about how her fiancee, Orlando, is excited about having a daughter, as he already has 9-year-old son Flynn who he shares with ex wife Miranda Kerr.

"He's really excited for a little girl. They say that little girls are 'Daddy's little girl,' that's how it's gonna be, [so] we'll see!"

Really cannot wait to find out what Katy and Orlando name their baby girl and to see Katy in this next big chapter of her life. Congratulations, Katy and Orlando!

When did you know what you were going to name your child?? Leave me a Yap below!

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