How This Preschool Teacher Went Above And Beyond For Her Students



Since our entire world have changed over the last two months, people have been getting very creative about how to celebrate each other, spend time "together" and be there for each other.

One preschool teacher decided that her 3 and 4-year-old students, who had been away from the classroom while doing virtual learning, could use a little face to face time, while social distancing, of course.

And let me just say, this story brought me to tears! This woman deserves all the teacher appreciation in the world during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Myra Garza, the preschool teacher in Texas, really missed her kids and decided to pack up her car with supplies and go visit all of them. Of course, they stayed outside and more than 6 feet apart. She knew she wanted to connect with them, and wondered if she could pull that off while staying outside. Turns out, she sure could!

Myra said she spent about 30 minutes at each student's home and received a memorable flurry of questions and stories from each student, being that the students are preschoolers. The questions included:

"I’m so glad you’re here. Why did you come? Why don’t you come back? Can you come tomorrow? Can you come inside? Why is your hair up?"

She said the kids were shocked and sooooo excited at the same time! And they all wanted to show her EVERYTHING about their homes - their garage, their swimming pool, anything they could that wouldn't break social distancing.

The kids parents are also to praise for setting this up with Myra. They made sure to set up an outdoor distance-learning area where they laid out a blanket for her with a water bottle and whatever else she could need. SO SWEET.

This just goes to show how much people are coming together and getting creative to make it work right now. If you have a special teacher in your life, shout them out using Yappa below!! They're all sooo amazing for what they do. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!

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