This COVID-19 Coloring Book Is Perfect For Kids *And* Parents

If there's anything I know for sure right now, it's that being a full-time parent while working full-time and being HOME full-time is... hard.

Luckily for me, my kids don't know much different than life at home - they weren't in day care or going to school before Safer At Home orders were put in place.

BUT for those parents who had kids who were going to school, having playdates with friends, and involved in other activities before we all had to stay home for nearly 8 weeks now, it's safe to say the kids might be getting restless. Which is where this new coloring book comes into play.

Joey the Kangaroo & Her Coping with COVID Plan was created by two friends - written by Lindsey Atkins, a child psychotherapist and clincal instructor at UNC School of Medicine and illustrated by Meg Martin, with the help of her mom Janeen - who wanted to create something to help kids cope with the world around them at this very bizarre time. The coloring book is made for kids of front line workers, but also for ANY kids who are having a hard time dealing with staying home, not being able to see their friends, and trying to understand what is happening in the world right now.

You can access the full coloring book by using this link!

The book has pictures of Joey the Kangaroo and her family for the kids to color, while also talking about the unusual things they're experiencing right now: like not being able to go to school or parks, not being allowed to spend time with their grandparents, and noticing how stressed out their parents might be.

Let's be honest, us adults are ALL extra stressed right now. And as much as we try to keep our kids from seeing it or picking up on it, kids are veryyyy aware of their surroundings.

So if you're looking for something fun AND informative for your kids to be entertained by, this coloring book is perfect. And I'll admit, the end of the book made me a little emotional. We are all in this together... shout out to Lindsey, Meg and Janeen for putting together such a sweet book for kids and parents alike!

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