These Milestone Celebrations Amid COVID-19 Outbreak Will Make You Tear Up

Right now, I know one of the hardest parts of being socially isolated is not being able to spend time with our families or celebrate milestones that had been planned for a long time - like weddings and graduations.

While my family has turned to FaceTime to stay in touch and so my parents can feel like they're hanging out with the twins, some are getting even more creative when finding ways to share life's most special moments.

Take Carly Boyd for example. She got engaged over the weekend and wanted to share the exciting news with her 87-year-old grandpa Shelton. The problem is, the elderly are the most at risk when it comes to the coronavirus outbreak, AND grandpa Shelton lives in a nursing home.

So, in order to completely avoid the risk of Carly getting her grandpa or anyone else in the nursing home sick, she and the nursing home's administrator, Gennie Parnell, came up with a plan. Carly would go to a window that grandpa Shelton could see, and she could share the exciting news of her engagement with him from a safe distance.

It is clear in the photos that have gone viral since that the moment was incredibly special and emotional for both Carly and her grandpa. She is seen showing him her ring and, in a second photo, both grandpa Shelton and Carly are holding their hands up to the window and she appears to be crying.

In another story that might make you cry - a family in New York took to their grandma's front yard in order to celebrate her 95th birthday with her from a VERY safe distance.

In a video shared to social media, the Byrne family is seen holding pieces of paper that spell out "Happy Birthday" as well as holding balloons and even being joined by a family dog!

They are singing happy birthday to grandma Byrne and it's clear from the look on her face just how much the social distance celebration meant to her:

I know this time of social distancing and quarantine can feel lonely or like there aren't things to celebrate, but take it from these people! Do your best to still share special moments with each other - just stay safely far apart and do NOT risk getting others sick.

And please, keep sharing your happy stories!

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