Second Graders Singing About Learning To A Lizzo Song Is Everything

Lizzo In Concert - New York, NY

Lizzo In Concert - New York, NY

The power of Lizzo is stronger than we ever realized: she even has second graders singing about learning with enthusiasm.

In a video that has just gone viral, we see a class of second graders dancing and singing with their teacher to the tune of Lizzo's "Truth Hurts" - but of course the words have been changed to not only be school appropriate, but also to actually be ABOUT school and learning in general.

In the video you can tell the kids are PUMPED on the song - just as much as the teacher herself is.

Ms. Mallari uses the song to get her second grade class at Los Medanos Elementary School of the Pittsburg Unified School District ready for class, and actually has created a different song every year, though this is the first time they have gone viral.

Ms. Mallari says she heard the song over the summer and fell in love with it and decided she would change the lyrics that can be... a little mature for a second grade audience... into her class song for the year. She says she always chooses a song that will start the day with positive energy, and if we know ANYTHING around here, it's that Lizzo is FULL of positive energy.

Ms. Mallari told ABC: "Sometimes personal life gets crazy and as soon as we sing that song it's like a time for us to exhale, be in that moment and feed off each other's energy."

The lyrics she re-wrote now talk about things like taking an ELA test, which is an English Language Arts test, instead of a DNA test, and having "math problems" rather than having boy problems, like Lizzo sings about.

My favorite line may be the change from Lizzo singing "you could have had a bad b****, non committal" to "you want to have a good friend, who's committed."

And if you're wondering, YES Lizzo has seen and LOVES the video as much as we all do.

I hope some day my kids have teachers like Ms. Mallari who makes the classroom fun!

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