Hometown Hustler: Lucia Rios from Twisted Sugar

This week's Hometown Hustler is someone who I absolutely will be using as the twins get older and have birthday parties.

Her name is Lucia Rios and she created the most incredible cotton candy company called Twisted.

The website describes the company as, "gourmet cotton candy with a Latin twist" and said it can do catering, packaged treats shipped to your door AND custom orders.

For Lucia, the company didn't come about just because she had a passion for cotton candy, but rather out of "necessity" as she explained to us this morning on the air. When she originally came up with the idea for making her own cotton candy, she invested about $600 in the cotton candy machine and the sugars. But she was disappointed to find the flavors didn't taste great... until some friend stopped by while she was practicing making cotton candy clouds and one of them suggested adding Tajin.

Well, it turns out that adding Tajin was just what she was missing. And then Twisted was born.

Lucia remembers that very day she wrote down the flavor and officially added it to her business plan. She began coming up with other Latin-inspired flavors as well like Churro, Dulce de Leche, Mango with chili powder and Horchata.

Today, the company is thriving and Lucia takes her cotton candy to events where they put their logos on the cotton candy. They currently offers 32 flavors and are booked frequently for private parties, corporate events and Pop-ups throughout Southern California.

I absolutely am considering having custom cotton candy made for the twins' second birthday. It's just SUCH a unique idea and what better way to support a local hometown hustler than being able to bring them in for your event!

Maybe we can bring Twisted to a KIIS event soon?!

Follow Twisted on Instagram and check out their website!

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