This Hometown Hustler Created Hair Products For All Hair Types

Now this is one Hometown Hustler that you DEFINITELY want to know about.

Julissa Prado is the creator of Rizos Curls and she is completely changing the game for women who have naturally curly hair.

Julissa was inspired to look into hair products for curls when she was 11 years old and realized she was straightening her hair every day. OBVIOUSLY something about putting heat to your hair every day like that wasn't natural - so why was everyone with curly hair doing it?

She started saving for her now company, Rizos Curls when she was 15 and working at her parents restaurant. While in college, she actually was creating the products that are now perfected and in her line.

Julissa said she used to make her products in plastic bags and bring them to school and do girls hair after they saw how amazing HER curls looked. From there she realized she really had something here and started to *officially* make her products... without carrying them around in a plastic bag.

Now, Julissa's company has over 115k followers on Instagram where all women can celebrate their CURLS. It's incredible!

Julissa also posts tips and tricks for keeping curls looking good on the account, and posts pictures of all kinds of stunning curls.

It used to not be "normal" for women with curly hair to wear their hair natural, and now, thanks to people like Julissa, it's celebrated! We should all be able to wear our hair however we want! And honestly, I'm jealous of those amazing curls!!

Get more from Sisanie here!

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