Parents With Picky Eaters Shouldn't Give In To Their Kids For THIS Reason



Parents, if you have a really picky eater on your hands, sometimes it can be easier to say just "forget it!" and let them eat whatever they want.

But one story that came out this week will definitely make you want to reconsider all the times that you have let them get away with just eating junk food rather than a full nutritious meal.

An unidentified teenage boy lost his eye sight due to his diet. Which is a LOT to take in.

CNN ran the story about the boy, explaining that he told doctors about his diet, and while he did not show signs of malnutrition or having a bad BMI, it was clear that his diet was likely linked to him losing his eyesight.

He was eating only french fries, Pringles, white bread, potato chips, processed sliced ham, and sausages for YEARS. And clearly it finally caught up to him.

At 14 years old he visited the doctors complaining of always being tired, which led to the doctors diagnosing him with low B12 levels and anemia. They gave him B12 shots and dietary advice (which clearly he did not use.)

Then a year later, he came in with signs of vision and hearing loss, but the doctors could not pinpoint the direct cause. But now, by 17, his blindness has become much more severe! It CAN still be reserved if changes are made, but if not, the blindness will become permanent.

Soooo lesson to be learned here is... if your kid wants to only eat junk food, that's not going to fly. BUT if you can teach them about eating things like french fries, bread and chips in major moderation, then everything is fine. Just make sure there are some fruits, veggies, and unprocessed meat in there sometimes... okay?

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