#FOTD: Food From Coachella Day 2

After hitting up pool parties on Saturday morning and afternoon, we made it to the festival in time for some sun and a NEED for a refreshing drink.


I'm not kidding. If you're out at Coachella, you need this lemonade in your life right in those peak heat hours.

When you order, they fresh squeeze an entire lemon into your cup over ice before filling it with lemonade so you get the real deal. It's fresh, it's chilled, and it's not too sweet or too sour.

Basically, this is the perfect glass of lemonade and there's no better place to drink it than in the desert sun with music playing everywhere you go.

Find this lemonade at any of the stands throughout the festival that have a simple but to the point sign for you: LEMONADE. You will not be disappointed.

After getting a little lemonade pick-me-up, we eventually got hungry again and knew what we needed.


Located in the VIP area closest to the stage, Madre! features Oaxacan cuisine with recipes that have been passed down through generations.

And let me tell you, those tacos were incredible. My mouth is watering just thinking about them again.

The group I was with shared 2 chicken tacos, 2 beef tacos and some AMAZING chips and guacamole.

I know sometimes splurging for guacamole on the side isn't worth it, but in this case it is VERY worth it. The guac was perfectly seasoned, the right ratio of smooth and chunky and wow am I hungry because my stomach is growling. I might have to hit up Madre! again today. It's that good!

Later in the night we needed one last meal to get us through the final acts. Naturally we found ourselves the staple late night food.


This wasn't your average slice of 'za either. This was the perfect pizza.

I stopped at Pizzanista for some incredible slices.

I grabbed a piece of classic pepperoni and a piece of their Mac And Cheese pizza to share, and WOW. The pepperoni's are the kind that form a little cup when they are baked, and to me that is what makes a piece of pepperoni perfection.

The Mac and Cheese was also DELICIOUS. It was a super cheesy pizza with globs of macaroni covered in even more cheese on it and, let's just say if you like pasta AND pizza, this is your time to shine.

Happy food touring!

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