If 'Elf On A Shelf' Is Too Much, Try 'Santa's Lazy Gnome'

I started wondering this year if I should start the Elf on a Shelf tradition with my kids... but then remembered that they definitely won't know what's going on and that maybe I should wait a couple more years before I put in all the effort it takes to be creative with the elf during the holidays.

Will I do Elf on a Shelf when Maxon and Aiza get older? Probably! 

But for those parents who feel like moving the elf and creating scenarios that the elf got itself into every single night is a bit much, you may want to check out a new take on the elf... Santa's Lazy Gnome.

What is Santa's Lazy Gnome? Well it's a new doll and story about a gnome that works with Santa and keeps watch on the kids for him.

And the book is SO adorable.

The preview pages on the website explain that Santa felt there was something missing from Christmas magic and that it was gnomes, but when he brought them to the North Pole, they did nothing! And left everything for the elves to do.

But then the book reveals that the gnomes are who is really watching to see if you are being naughty or nice, and that they know what you are doing even if you can't see them.

So basically, the new book and gnome doll you can place in your home is telling your kids that they have a gnome watching over them to see if they are being good. 

Participating in the lazy gnome tradition is EASY - just order the gnome and the book online, sit that gnome up on your mantel, and bam, the kids have another reason to be good during the holidays!

And you don't have to do a thing once the gnome is up in the house!

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Photo: lazygnomes.com



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