Chrissy Teigen Created The Most Adorable Thread Of Babies With Helmets


We're all fans of Chrissy Teigen for her hilarious Twitter banter and other social media antics - but this time she's making news once again on Twitter... but for a pretty different reason.

Chrissy revealed that she and John Legend's son Miles would be getting fitted for a helmet for "his adorable slightly misshapen head."

She told Twitter because she wanted to make sure that people didn't feel badly for him once they saw photos of their adorable family, and him in a helmet. 

While Chrissy was just protecting her son from people ridiculing him, or feeling badly for him, on the internet, I don't think she expected the overwhelming response she ended up getting.

People from all over decided to share photos of their own kids, grandkids, siblings and more in their little helmets... and it's the most pure thing on the internet right now.

It all started with Chrissy sharing these sweet photos of Miles in his brand new helmet:


And THENNNNN it just blew up. And hearts all over melted because these pictures are so adorable.


There were twins babies where only one sibling needed a helmet:


And twin babies where both needed them:


And just so many sweet babies, who's family members assured Chrissy that Miles would be just fine.


So many people spent Chrissy, John and Miles lots of love on Twitter after seeing Miles, and THAT is what I like to see online. 

Miles is doing just fine! But sometimes on the internet, people aren't so kind, so seeing such a huge thread of people with kind and uplifting messages to the family is so heartwarming.

Plus, babies are tough! 

Of course, Chrissy made a little bit of fun with the topic sharing that while Miles was getting a helmet to fix his flat - she was told it was too late for her.

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