We Took Aiza and Maxon To The Chargers Game

After an incredible Thanksgiving, Michael and I decided to do something else special for our family... take the twins to their first ever Chargers game!

I know, I know, some people may not think going to a football game is a monumental moment, but in our family, it's a huge deal and getting to experience our first game with Aiza and Maxon.

Of course, taking almost 7-month-old babies to an NFL game is a production - we had to bring all their extra diapers, bottles, headphones, change of clothes.

BUT, once we got into the game and got settled, we had the best time and the babies did SO great. I think that because we take them to things like this while they're so young, they're going to grow up loving live sports just like Michael and I do.


The twins even made it onto the Jumbotron at their first game (the second slide in the post above!).

It's really cool to get to take them to these games because I have been a Chargers fan for about 15 years and have always thought about the days in the future that I would get to take my entire family to games... and now here we are!

I'm starting to think that Aiza and Maxon might be good luck charms, too. When we took them to the World Series game, the Dodgers won, and now for their first NFL game, the Chargers win. It's a trend if you ask me!

It's so exciting starting these traditions with them that will hopefully live on through their lives, and eventually, our grand children's lives and so on.

Anyone else has a team they're OBSESSED with? What was it like for you to bring your kid(s) to their first of that team? I want to hear your stories, too!

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