This 8-Year-Old Author Is Trying To 'Save The Animals'

Your average 8-year-old is getting ready to enjoy their summer vacation from school and their biggest worry is if they will be in the same class as their best friend next fall when they start third grade.

Not for Kate Gilman Williams, though, instead she is getting ready to start writing her SECOND, yes, second, book after an upcoming trip to Africa.

She wrote her first book Let's Go On Safari! with safari guide Michelle Campbell after visiting Africa with her family and becoming passionate about the animals and wanting to save them. Michelle was her guide on safari while there and the two began emailing back and forth after Kate returned home to Austin, Texas.

If you listened to On Air With Ryan Seacrest this morning, you heard Kate talk to Ryan about her book and how she got started, and the story is pretty remarkable. 

Not only is Kate only 8 years old and the author of a book, but she also got her classmates involved in the editing process!

Even Jane Goodall has read the book and given it her stamp of approval! She sent Kate a letter after reading the book, encouraging her to keep going and to keep on working to save the animals.

Kate Gilman Williams

For Kate, the goal is to save as many animals as possible and to educate kids on how they can help.

She even gave us some suggestions for how kids can get out there and make a difference, and she encourages everyone to do their part because "it's important":

"My generation must save these animals or there will be none left!  Here are 6 ways kids can help:

1.  When a kid buys my book, they automatically make a donation to the ED Wildlife Fund and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust!  Proceeds from my book support these organizations!

2.  Sell lemonade or cookies and donate that money to an organization in my book.

3.  Write to your State Representative or Senator and ask them to ban ivory in your state!

4.  You and your family take the pledge to NEVER buy anything made from ivory.

5.  Instead of birthday presents, ask your friends to donate $5 to the ED Wildlife Fund!

6.  You and your family can adopt an elephant ($50 a year) from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust!”

Kate, here's to hoping there are a LOT more kids out there just like you who are going to make this world a better place.

Check out Kate's book and connect with her online through the book's Twitter.

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