Mommy and daddy posing. Luna stealing the Mariners' bubble gum #LunasFirstTour #Seattle

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I feel like the father-daughter relationship is challenged most by when the daughter starts dating, right? Like she's finally spreading her wings a little and has the possibility of getting hurt in the process, and that's scary for a dad!

John Legend recently talked about what he imagines he will be like when Luna eventually starts dating (I mean, he definitely has a couple years!) and he doesn't think he'll be too strict!

“I start off thinking about the type of person I want her to be... If she’s the person she needs to be in life, she’ll attract the right kind of guys and she’ll make the right choices.”

He and Chrissy have a pretty good game plan for the future, too!

"We’re going to just try to make her confident and smart and a good leader and kind and loving, and we feel like if we give her all the tools she needs, she’ll figure out the right person for her."

Ummm coolest parents EVER!

Last day in Bali!

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And the cutest, really.

I think Luna is going to be juuuust fine!

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