Ryan Seacrest & Team Pick Their 'Quarantine Houses': Who Would You Choose?

At least we have the internet during these stressful times! The latest to circulate social media and the worldwide web is picking your "quarantine house" aka if you could be stuck with anyone inside, who would you choose?

Tanya Rad started the challenge on-air, revealing she'd pick Gwen Stefani, Chrissy Teigen, Morgan Stewart, Hailey Bieber and Derek Hough.

Sisanie opted for the likes of Calvin Harris and Mary Poppins, a genius move considering she has twins!

Ryan opted for hustlers Oprah and Bethenny Frankel and calming Sadhguru, as well as chef Roy Choi and his bestie Kelly Ripa.

Listen back above for more, including Patty's. Who would you choose?? Sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan

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