Sisanie Needs Advice Weaning Baby Bottles and Pacifiers

They grow up so fast! Sisanie is looking for advice on weaning her twins Aiza and Maxon, 17 months, off pacifiers and tossing all their baby bottles.

As Sis shares in the latest episode of Off-Air With Sisanie in the video above, she’s already transitioned her little ones off bottles to sippy cups, but she kept four bottles in case of emergencies. For example, Sisanie shared that Maxon accidentally slammed Aiza’s finger in the door the other day and to soothe the pain, Sisanie naturally reached to give Aiza a bottle. 

The first-time mom also wants to wean the twins off pacifiers, which is more so difficult because that means they're officially growing up!

“Right now, we’re trying to make it so that they just have their pacifiers when they take naps and when they go to bed at night,” Sisanie explains. “… Not when they’re just hanging out in the house, if they’re playing with their toys, I try to not have them with their pacifiers, but they’ll fight me every now and then and if they get cranky, it’s my first instruct to just give them a pacifier.”

Sisanie added that some tips she’s heard include cutting the tip off of the pacifiers to make it not as appealing and also having the child toss the pacifiers away physically, making it a game.

Watch back the episode above and sound off on social with your own tips and comments at @OnAirWithRyan.

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