Tanya Rad Gives Seacrest the Official First Update on ‘No Post Malone’

In accordance with the deal to not sabotage Tanya Rad’s latest crush by talking about it on-air daily, Ryan Seacrest got his first official 3-minute allotted update on “No Post Malone” on Tuesday, September 3.  

“We learned awhile ago that ‘Lucky Charms’ didn’t work out and she was sad about it, but, listen, everything that happens is the best thing that could happen to you and in the moment it doesn’t seem like it but now it does,” Seacrest prefaced on-air before getting the deets from Tanya. 

In case you missed it, Tanya met this new crush at a wedding days after “Lucky Charms” left town. Tanya told Seacrest about this new crush and dished that he is different from the others in numerous ways, including that he barely uses social media. Seacrest then dubbed him “No Post Malone.” Get it? Because he doesn’t post …

The team then decided after Sisanie begged to not overshare and sabotage Tanya’s relationship, which seems to be going really well, to not discuss “No Post Malone” too much on-air. 

“We promised each other, and this was Sisanie’s request, that we would not do too much and oversaturate the show with your new relationship,” Ryan explained. “[We] don’t want to scare this guy off for Tanya.”

So, with three minutes on the timer (LOL), Tanya dished about one of their dates and shared a PSA for all others dating out there "in the wild."

“We went to dinner the other night and I … put body blur on my legs because I’m very pasty,” Tanya explained, referring to the body makeup that makes you look tanner. “I put it on my legs and we go on the date and he brought me home and he came in and we get on my couch and we start making out and he was in off-white jeans and I got it all over him,” Tanya hilariously concluded. “But I didn’t tell him that it was my body blur because I was too embarrassed.”

The moral of the story? Don’t wear body blur whilst making out 😂😂😂

Watch back the full moment above to find out more about "No Post Malone", including to hear the advice Ryan has for Tanya about living in the moment 

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