Should Tanya Stop Talking About Her Dating Life? (Yes, She Met a New Man)


The universe has aligned Tanya Rad with a new man on the heels of her going separate ways from “Lucky Charms.” But Sisanie raised an important question on-air: Is Tanya sabotaging her own dating life by talking about it too much?

“I do not want her to bring this up!” Sisanie exclaimed on-air after Ryan Seacrest learned about Tanya’s new crush. “I feel like I’m so happy for her and I’ve never seen her happier … she’s just really happy … and I’m like, ‘Keep this to yourself for as long as possible!’” 

Sisanie added that she feels like sharing too much adds too much pressure on these guys, but Tanya begs to differ. Tanya explained to Ryan on-air that she met this man after "Lucky Charms" left and through mutual friends.

“This is how crazy the timing of this was: Lucky Charms leaves town and goes back to Chicago and I’m sad and I’m crying that day because it was just bad and that chapter is closed; I was sad because I knew it wasn’t going to be anything,” Tanya shared. “Then the next day I go to this wedding … and it’s a bunch of my friends and I’m like, ‘I’m just going to get drunk and have fun with my friends, … keep it sans.’ … And then I meet this guy at the wedding who happens to work with our coworker Sierra’s fiancé and he lives in LA!”

Tanya added that this man is different. Not only do they “have a connection,” but Tanya feels he’s in it for the right reasons, has similar beliefs and they hit it off. 

“There’s a lot of things about this guy that really align with my life that hasn’t been the case with any guy [before],” Tanya concluded. “Can I tell you two things that I was like, ‘Ryan’s going to be obsessed with this’”? … This guy has only posted one photo on his Instagram since 2016 … and he hates FaceTime!”


So, what nickname do we chose for our next victim? 😂

“Lets call him Malone,” Ryan said. “I’m gong to call him Malone … because you said he doesn’t post, right? No Post Malone!” 

And in the attempt to not sabotage this one, Ryan and Sisanie decided that we’ll only get an update from Tanya on “No Post Malone” once a month. But, we'll see how that goes ... 😂

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