#KIISCampus: Kandee Johnson Makes Superfan’s Dreams Come True

Kandee Johnson made one of her superfan’s days today when she surprised Azusa Pacific student Laney with a phone call and social media follow on Wednesday, September 6. 

After Laney shared with On Air With Ryan Seacrest why she loves the makeup artist and social media influencer, we linked the two up and you have to hear Laney’s reaction. 

Laney Adams

“Usually they say I’ve inspired them … and then later in the conversation they’re like, ‘You taught me how to do my eyebrows! I wouldn’t know how to do makeup without you’” Kandee shared with OAWRS before we surprised Laney on the phone. “But I love that it’s not about [makeup] when they first meet me.”

Laney — who at first didn’t know she was on the phone with Kandee as well — shared with OAWRS that she loves how loving and inspiring Kandee is. 


“The reasons I love Kandee Johnson are endless but a few [are] she’s so inspiring,” Laney said. “She always tells all her followers to be a bright pink tree in a forest … she doesn’t care what other people think … she’s never given up and she just brings joy.”

Listen to the audio above to hear their adorable and seriously heartwarming interaction. 

If you want the chance to meet your favorite social media influencer or celebrity prior to making your way to class in the morning, use the hashtag #KIISCampus and tell us what school you go to, who you are following and loving and who you’d love to meet!

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