Tiger Woods Allegedly Almost Hit 'Grown-ish' Director Before Crash

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Tiger Woods allegedly almost hit another driver, who just so happened to be the director of Grown-ish, before his near-fatal car accident on Tuesday, February 23.

TMZ’s Harvey Levin shared with Ryan Seacrest that Grown-ish crew member Oliver Konteh shared that Tiger Woods was staying at Terranea Resort where the show was filming and that Tiger was driving his SUV "very fast" as he was leaving the property and almost hit the director's car. According to Oliver, Tiger’s SUV was blocked by another car that was loading luggage and he appeared "agitated and impatient." TMZ reports the director, whose name wasn't stated, was shaken enough to tell production staff about it after he parked.

Tiger’s crash occurred moments later as he was en route to Riviera Golf Course for a shoot where he was reportedly going to give Drew Brees lessons.

The 45-year-old golf legend was driving when his SUV crossed a median and veered across two lanes of a road that's been called dangerous before hitting a curb, hitting a tree and landing on its side in the brush, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said.

Woods remained conscious and calm, but sustained serious leg injuries, which required immediate emergency surgery on his lower right leg and ankle at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, a statement said. The leg fractures were "comminuted” and "open," meaning the broken bone was exposed, creating risk of an infection, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anish Mahajan added. Orthopedic trauma specialists inserted a rod and a combination of screws and pins.

An investigation surrounding the crash is still underway.

Listen back to hear more from Harvey on what exactly reportedly happened.

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