The Reason Nobody Won Best New Artist at 1990 Grammys Has Been Revealed

The trophy of the Grammy Awards in Los A

The trophy of the Grammy Awards in Los A

The Grammys finally opened up their 66-page rule book for the first time, explaining why nobody else got the award after Milli Vanilli gave it back.  

Probably the most infamous and controversial moment in the entire 62-year history of The Grammys happened in 1990 when Vanilli was awarded the Best New Artist trophy which was later rescinded after it was revealed they didn’t sing any of their own music.

But the controversy didn’t really end there for the other Best New Artist nominees because the Grammys never passed along the award to any of them.

And now, 30 years later, we finally know why

Earlier this month the Grammys decided to release their 66-page rulebook to the public in order to be more transparent and inside its guidelines it states: “The Grammy process does not produce a ranked result with a winner and ordered runners-up. In any situation where a Grammy Award is withdrawn following the presentation, no award is given in that category for that year.”

So, if for any reason another Grammy win is nixed, like in 1990, the other nominees shouldn't hold out hope.

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