Hometown Hustler: Marcella Gomez of "Oh Comadre Candles"

Meet our Hometown Hustler from last week⁠—Marcella Gomez of Oh Comadre Candles!

Marcella Gomez of Downey, started Oh Comadre Candles in 2016 as a form of therapy during a serious health scare.

The Latina, mother, wife, nurse and candle aficionado spent 16 months perfecting her candles.

Oh Comadre Candles capture and share the scents of Marcella's childhood, and of the childhoods of so many Latinos. Gomez hopes her candles "evoke emotion, comfort, and or a lovely memory."

Some nostalgic candle scents include Fabuloso, Vaporub, Pan Dulce, Abuelita Hot Chocolate, Horchata, and even Jabon Zote. 

More from Oh Comadre Candles here!

Check out Oh Comadre Candles at their store located at 9102 Firestone Blvd. Suite R in Downey!

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