Hometown Hustler: Jessica Monzalvo of SBJ Esntls

Meet our Hometown Hustler this week⁠—Jessica Monzalvo of SBJ Esntls!

Jessica Monzalvo is an Los Angeles based makeup artist and founder of SBJ Esntls. Born and raised in Pachuca, Hdgo. Mexico, Jessica was largely influenced by her culture and early life experiences, which shaped her philosophy in beauty and as an entrepreneur.

Valuing her culture and community, Jessica wanted to introduce an inclusive self-care brand that was rooted in Latinx culture and her experiences as a woman of color.

She is driven by young girls like herself, who are underrepresented and have all odds placed against them. In her own words: “I just want brown girls and first generation immigrants to know they can thrive in unconventional careers and accomplish whatever they set their minds to.”

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