Netflix Releases Trailer ‘Selena: The Series’

Netflix has unveiled the official trailer for Selena: The Series.

Netflix describes the series as, "a coming-of-age story following Selena as she chases her dreams and the heart wrenching and life changing sacrifices she and her family make as they navigate the highs and lows of success, loss, love and music."

The show's creator and executive producer, Moisés Zamora, also shared some more details with Entertainment Weekly about what fans can expect from the new series.

"Fans can expect to see us go into the depths of this family's journey, including their early days going from gig-to-gig," Zamora revealed.

Lucky for us the new trailer drops some clues about the show's storylines.

Check out the trailer for Selena: The Series below:

Thumbnail via Getty

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