If You Complete This Haunted House, Win $20,000. (But No One Finishes.)

Do you think you can survive America's (maybe even the world's) scariest haunted house? You really think so? Then head to Nashville, Tennessee. This haunted house, called McKamey Manor, will torture you, exploit your fears, mentally and physically scare you to the point of using the safe word. It will lasts HOURS, not minutes.

If you DO get through, you get a $20,000 prize. Here's the kicker. NO ONE'S EVER COMPLETED IT.

You're like "it's not that bad"...

Well, they require you to pass a physical and mental evaluation by actual doctors, pass a drug test, sign a FORTY page waiver (read it all), and watch a TWO-HOUR video of people quitting the house.

The admission? A bag of dog food. So it's pretty cheap to try...if you dare.

Video is below.

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