Look Up! Get Ready For A Friday the 13th Harvest Micro-moon.

Check this out! Not only is it Friday the 13th coming up this week, but we'll be getting our first Full Moon to land on a Friday the 13th since 2006.

This moon is pretty special because it's the Harvest Moon (full moon closest to the Fall Equinox), it's on Friday the 13th, AND it's a considered a "micromoon" which is 14 percent smaller and 30 percent dimmer than a normal full moon (as opposed to the "supermoon", which is A LOT brighter and bigger than normal moons). Supermoons get more attention because of its proximity to Earth during its orbit.

Ok, now that you know I'm a nerd, the best time to check this micromoon out is Friday evening before midnight. It reaches full illumination at 12:32 am eastern time Saturday.



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