There's A Website That Tracks Broken McDonald's Ice Cream Machines!

We've all done it. You drive to a McDonald's and end up disappointed because the ice cream machine at that location is broken and you won't be able to get your McFlurry.

This inspired a 24-year-old software engineer, Rashiq Zahid, to create a website called McBroken. This site tracks EVERY ice cream machine at EVERY McDonald’s and whether it works or not.

Brilliant, right?

The software engineer told The Verge that he reverse-engineered the online ordering technology from the Golden Arches and if the ice cream menu was not available through the online ordering system via the app, his website tracks that as the ice cream machine being broken and unavailable. Simple, yet complicated stuff, huh?

If you are craving some McDonald's ice cream menu items, check out the McBroken site now.

Photo: Getty Images

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