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California Has Been Ranked the Worst State to Be A Driver In

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A study by Bankrate says California has ranked as the worst state to be a driver in.

California finished last in the ranking, stating that owning a vehicle in the Golden State is costly and driving is a challenge. Are you wondering which state ranked as the best state to drive in? Ohio - followed by Iowa and Utah were among the best states to be a driver in.

Wondering who joined California as some of the worst states? Louisiana and Maryland were down in the ranks!

Here is how Bankrate's researchers came to this conclusion:

  • Cost? Add up fuel, repairs, and insurance and California was the priciest among the states. The cost was 45% of the overall score.
  • Driving quality? Based on a mashup of infrastructure conditions and commuting stats, California was seventh-worst. Quality was 25% of the math.
  • Driving safety? Data on such items as deaths, intoxication arrests, and seat-belt use put California at No. 15 ranking. Safety was 25% of rankings.
  • Weather? Looking at the driving climate, California was the fourth-best. Weather was 5% of this grade.

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