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Dodger Stadium COVID-19 Testing Site Reopens For First Time Since May

The Dodger Stadium COVID-19 testing site, which is the largest in the U.S., will reopen today after a weekend closure for restructuring to alleviate traffic in the area. The site has administered 1 million COVID-19 tests since May, according to Mayor Eric

Photo: Los Angeles Times

COVID-19 testing has returned to Dodger Stadium!

For the first time since May, Dodger Stadium has begun coronavirus testing amid an increase in demand, KTLA reports.

Run by Curative, the testing location will offer nasal PCR drive-thru testing from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day of the week.

According to KTLA's report, the Curative testing site at Dodger Stadium has been relaunched due to increased demand in testing coupled with an increase in positivity across the state of California.

The Dodger Stadium testing site was the largest in the country when it first opened last year, testing thousands of residents for free each day. Now, the stadium has the capacity to provide about 500 tests per day as of Wednesday, according to Curative.

The recent increased demand for testing can be at least partly attributed to new mandates that require unvaccinated residents to undergo coronavirus testing for large events, and even some workplaces and educational settings.

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