A Local Artist Creates Miniature Versions of Iconic L.A. Landmarks

SmallScaleLA_Instagram_ Kieran Wright

Meet Kieran Wright.

A Los Angeles artist, originally from New Zealand, with a fascination for L.A. architecture. The 28-year-old spent his quarantine crafting impressive miniatures of some of his favorite L.A. landmarks.

So how does one find the inspiration to create art like this? Wright old Los Angeles Magazine last year that a trip to Walt Disney's Family Museum in San Francisco sparked his creativity, saying he was "marveled at the complexity of the 14-inch diorama of Disneyland."

What happened next? The artist says a lunch visit to Rae's Coffee Shop in Santa Monica resulted in him recreating the 1958 establishment. He took tons of photos, of every angle and went home to turn and learned his technique from YouTube. Incredible, right?!

His appreciation for Los Angeles' unique architecture and culture via his miniatures has resulted in his work going viral. What started as a hobby to get him through the pandemic has turned heads. He told Los Angeles Magazine that he is now in it for the long run.

See Wright's incredible work below:

To see more of Kieran Wright's incredible work, visit his website and check out his Instagram account.

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PHOTO: @smallscalela Instagram / Kieran Wright

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