Huntington Beach Debuts Mobi-Mat to Improve Accessibility For Visitors

The city of Huntington Beach has made beach access easier for all by rolling out its first “Mobi-Mat”.

What is a Mobi-Mat? It is a long five feet wide mat that can be rolled out over the sand, allowing visitors who need handicap access including people pushing strollers. Huntington Beach's Mobi-Mat extends from the bike trail turnaround loop, located on the beach near Pacific Coast Highway and 6thStreet, all the way to just south of Lifeguard Tower No. 6.

According to the Los Angeles TImes, The Mobi-Mat is made out of recycled polyester. should benefit beachgoers who have difficulty accessing the shoreline, including people pushing strollers. Kumaka’s adaptive surf therapy instructor, David Gins, got in touch with Councilwoman Natalie Moser last fall and pitched her on the need.

Huntington Beach Public Works Director Sean Crumby said the Mobi-Mat cost about $10,000.

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PHOTO: Natalie Moser, Huntington Beach City Councilmember - Facebook

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