Local Student Spends Nearly 600 Days Cleaning Up Eaton Canyon

Meet Edgar McGregor. He is a local student who has gone viral for taking on the duty of cleaning Eaton Canyon in Pasadena!

With a few buckets and a pair of gloves, the 20-year-old activist spent nearly 600 days cleaning the litter at his local park, picking up trash on the trails left behind by hikers!

McGregor went to Twitter to celebrate his accomplishment, tweeting a video boasting that his park had "nowhere else to clean".

In the video (seen below), the activist says "I have covered an enormous portion of my park checking the entire main trail, checking all the waterfalls, all the storm drains, everything ... and for the first time in 589 days I can say with confidence that my park Eaton Canyon ... is completely free of municipal waste.” Truly amazing!

McGregor has caught the attention of the internet for his amazing accomplishment, even garnering the attention of fellow climate activist Greta Thunberg, who offered her congratulations.

The 20-year-old student told local news stations that his focus will turn to other arks that need to be cleaned up.

See his incredible journey below via Twitter!

PHOTO: Getty Images

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