LAUSD Extends 'No Fail' Policy Allowing Students A 2nd Chance to Pass

Child tired and bored of doing homework, kid stressed from learning indoors

Child tired and bored of doing homework, kid stressed from learning indoors

Los Angeles Unified School District officials have deferred any failing grades from this semester until at least Jan. 29, 2021 giving students additional time to avoid receiving a failing grade in their classes.

Los Angeles Times reports that this move comes as the nation's second-largest school district attempts to avoid penalizing students during the on-going Coronavirus surge, adding continuous strain to their education and families.

The Times report adds that grades have dramatically deteriorated in comparison to last year, specifically stating that Latino and Black students are the hardest hit. English learners, students with disabilities, foster youth, and homeless students are also hard-hit.

Additionally, the policy follows continuous district concerns about the rise in D and F grades, problems faced by students with inconsistent or lacking internet access.

The report breaks down the percentage of failed classes among different groups:

  • Among Latino high school students is 24.9%
  • Among Black high school students is 23.2%
  • 12.9% for white students
  • 7.6% for Asians students
  • The number of failing grades for students learning English already was high, but it increased by nearly 15 percentage points, rising to 35%.

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