54% of Young People Ages 11-24 Have Not Seen A Cow in Person, Study Finds

Two Holstein-Friesian cows in field, England

When is the last time you saw a cow? Well, it turns out 54% of people aged 11-24 have actually never seen a cow in person.

The lifestyle website, Parked In Paradise, conducted a study, focusing on 3,500 Americans between the ages 11 - 24-years-old. The survey's purpose? To find common "must-do" experiences.

You're probably thinking..."ummm seeing a cow in person is definitely not on my must-do list!" Regardless, it turns out 54% of the people surveyed have NEVER seen the spotted animal in person.

The survey also found that some "common" activities young people have never partaken in include:

43% have never gone camping or even hiking.

27% have never seen the sun rise. - 27%

19% have never cooked a meal from scratch.

15% have never left the state where they were born.

13% have never sent something in the mail.

Join the conversation below. What is something you've never done before?

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