L.A. Traffic Accidents Drop Nearly 42% During Coronavirus Pandemic

A report released Friday by Crosstown said accidents in Los Angeles County are down nearly 42% in the first nine months of this year. Why? Angelenos quarantining at home during the Coronavirus resulted in less people on the streets.

According to according to Los Angeles Police Department data analyzed by Crosstown, the city recorded 24,541 collisions between January and the end of September, a steep drop from the 42,279 accidents during the same time last year.

The decline began in March, the month that Mayor Eric Garcetti ordered all nonessential businesses to close, Crosstown reported.

Crosstown's examination of LAPD publicly available data on reported traffic collisions from Jan. 1 to Sept. 31, 2020 also adds that Downtown Los Angeles was the top spot for collisions both this year and last. According to the LAPD, Van Nuys remains the second-most-frequent neighborhood for collisions.

For more information, check out Crosstown.

PHOTO: Getty Images

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