Meet GeLATINX: A Boyle Heights Company Taking Gelatina to the Next Level

We all love gelatina. It reminds us all of our family parties!

For those of you who don't know, gelatina is the Spanish word for geltatin! With that said, meet this rising Boyle Heights company called GeLATINX.

GeLATINX, created by Boyle Heights resident Myra Vazquez, is taking the traditional gelatin dessert to the next level.

WeAreMitú describes the GeLATINX desserts as the delicacies we all deserve, and need at our family parties. GeLATINX takes the traditionally boring dessert and adds Latinx pop culture, creativity, beauty and most importantly, nostalgia.

According to LAList, GeLATINX offer the following flavors for pick-up: cafe de olla (coffee from the pot), Gansito (the Mexican equivalent of chocolate Twinkies) and guayaba with cheesecake. Myra Vasquez often tops her custom gelatinas with graphic art images (created by her husband, Nico Avina) of Latinx icons such as Selena and Juan Gabriel. Truly masterpieces!

GeLATINX's creations incorporate fresh fruit, creamy textures and flavors including mango chamoy, Mazapan and red velvet!

GeLATINX launched in September of 2019, and most of the creations sell between $18 to $35 each!

See more from GeLATINX below. Warning, your mouth will water!

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