This 1st Generation Latinx Student Has Gone Viral For Getting Into Harvard

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Meet Amado Candelario. He is inspiring young Latinx who are first generation college students. He recently went viral on Twitter for gushing over the fact that he is the only low-income, first generation 'underprivileged' student from Chicago to be admitted into Harvard University for the Fall of 2019.

His tweet read: “I’m the only kid at Harvardright now, class of 2023, that’s from Chicago and didn’t go to a selective enrollment school, a private school, a predominately affluent suburban school. I’m the only Chicago neighborhood school kid. It’s sad but I DID THAT and I’m proud of myself!!”

His tweet has garnered over 88K likes, many celebrating his accomplishment.

See the tweet below:


According to NBC News, Candelario grew up with his immigrant mother from Mexico and two sisters in West Lawn, Chicago. The network adds that he had been dreaming of attending Harvard since he was in sixth grade.

Here is what he told NBC News: “The only thing people ever talked about when you mentioned was how good it was and how it was the best post-secondary education you could get. I grew up in a lot of poverty and violence and I wanted something better for myself.”

Candelario even gave Twitter followers an update, stating: Y’all I’m really living up my life at Harvard! I’m meeting amazing people, falling in love with myself, and restructuring my mental health! I miss my loved ones, but this is what I needed to let go of everything bad and toxic in my life. Love you all and thanks for the support."

Candelario also told NBC he started thinking about college early because he knew that he needed to figure out a way to pay for the hefty price tag of a college education.


Amado is set to graduate from Harvard in 2023. From the looks, he's got a bright future in front of him. Congratulations, young man! Way to represent.

PHOTOS: Amado Candelario's Twitter: @lovedcandle

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