Discover YouTube's New Viral Star: A Wood-Fire Stove Cooking Abuelita

Every now and then, someone special finds their way to "viral-ness". Meet a rising YouTube star...a grandma from Michoacán, Mexico named Ángela.

What makes Ángela so special? She uploads some "chill", mouth-watering cooking videos on the video platform. It takes you straight to the feeling of being in Mexico. Her YouTube channel is called De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina, which for my non-Spanish speaking folks means “From My Ranch to Your Kitchen.”

Cute name, right? Abuelita Ángela has garnered nearly 7-million views already!

Abuelita Ángela's channel is becoming so popular all over the world, that she already has viewers offering to translate the videos into other languages. Things are looking up for our lovely, adorable YouTube cook. was the first to bring attention to her, and sites like LA Taco picked up...and so on!

Yes, she wears that adorable apron that your mama and abuelita own and wear to cook. Besides her apron, the star of her videos is her outdoor wood-fired oven, which is still a very popular way of cooking in rural Mexico. Who could forget her comal? The flat iron skillet where you can crisp your tortillas. Abuelita Ángela does what most of your Mexican relatives do...cook everything "a mano" (by hand).

Visit her YouTube page - it'll be the best thing you'll do all week! Check out one of her videos below:


PHOTOS: YouTube Page - De mi Rancho a Tu Cocina

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