Meet Edgar Baca: A Busboy at Nobu Turned Mexican Sushi Restaurant Owner

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If you've ever been to Mariscos y Sushi Los Tomateros in Lynwood, then you're likely familiar with the delicious seafood available on the menu. Well, this sushi establishment is more than just a place to grab a's owner - Edgar Baca - is the epitome of the American Dream and of perseverance.

L.A. Taco has shined the spotlight on this very special and inspiring individual, even catching my attention that I HAD to get him on our show, On Air With Ryan Seacrest!

Everyone in the City of Angels should stop by this place and support. Edgar has been a busboy for Nobu for nearly the last 15 years - and as L.A Taco states, he was inspired to open his restaurant by his time at Nobu.

For those of you who tuned in, you might remember how humble the man is. What he told L.A. Taco's, Javier Cabral, will pull at your heart-strings:

“I’ve been working two shifts every weekday for the last 14 years, getting back home from my shifts at Nobu at 2 AM, waking up at 9 AM, the following day to open Los Tomateros, and spending sometimes four hours in traffic each day. I don’t have any investors or many other resources for my restaurant, it’s all been my money after saving up, it’s been a big sacrifice, but here we are still.” 

Incredible! His menu and restaurant are based on his Sinaloa, Mexico culture. You come here and you can enjoy sushi classics like aguachile, even empanadas de camarón (shrimp empanadas) and various Mexican sushi variations...yes it comes with all the cream cheese!!! 

For more on Edgar Baca's incredible story, visit L.A. Taco's website and show some love to both Edgar and the journalist, Javier Cabral!

OR stop by Mariscos y Sushi Los Tomateros located at 10112 State St, Lynwood, CA 90262!

Photos: Javier Cabral / L.A Taco

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