Fans of 'Twilight' Can Now Stay In Bella Swan's House

Attention Twilight fans! AirBnB has your next vacation destination!

The iconic house from the Twilight films - specifically Bella Swan's - is now listed on AirBnB's website. That means you can rent Charlie and Bella Swan’s Pacific Northwestern. Yassss!

This Twilight super-fan’s dream rental is destined to be a fantastic experience. You'll stay at the five-bedroom two-bathroom lodge, and it is just as charming as it was in the movies! For those wondering...yes, the green kitchen cabinets are still intact.

The films - based on the Stephenie Meyer novels - take place in Forks, Washington, and is based on the life of teenager Bella (Kristen Stewart) who lives with her dad....who also happens to be the police chief of forks. Anyways, you can stay at this beautiful home for $330 a night (hmmm) with a two-night minimum, and it allows up to 10 guests to stay per night.

AirBnB's listing already has 22 positive reviews from fans who have stayed there...a five-star experience. So if you're interested, go to the Airbnb website to inquire. It can be you who lies in Bella’s bed, imagining what it would be like to have Edward as a boyfriend!


Photos: Airbnb

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