Bud Light Is Offering Free Beer To Aliens ‘Who Make It Out' of Area 51

The Area 51 trend continues....and this time Bud Light is taking a jab at it.

The beer company went to social media to tell internet users that they will create a special-edition beer can for the Area 51 aliens. The tweet comes just in time for people who are preparing for the Area 51 raid in September. They claim this special beer can will release iff they can get 51,000 retweets on Twitter.

“We’d like to be the first brand to formally announce that we will not be sponsoring the Area 51 raid,” the beer company tweeted. t soon followed that tweet with a cheeky change in stance....literally a 180 degree change.

“Screw it. Free Bud Light to any alien that makes it out,” they tweeted!

Bud Light then shared a photo of a black and neon green special-edition beer can. The can included a generic alien-shaped head with a crown atop and a special message from the Area 51 creature.

See the hilarious tweet below:


“We know of no space beer by any other life form which is brewed and aged to be more refreshing,” the greeting across the top of the can said, in part.The bottom of the beer included the phrase, “We come in peace.”

The jokes come after news spread across social media about thousands of people planning to see some aliens as they storm Area 51 in Nevada.

What do you think of the beer can?

PHOTOS: Bud Light via Twitter

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