Watch This Epic Parking Spot Battle In L.A.

Get ready to laugh, because you are about to witness the funniest, yet most ridiculous encounter....and yes this is SO something you would expect in LA.

Well two drivers in the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles wasted a good chunk of their day duking it out for the "primal" parking spot. This was all captured and uploaded onto social media in an epic "who will win?" thread. The thread has gone viral...and honestly thanks Mariah Flores, under handle @Mrhflrs for the hilarious battle.

Let's begin. "Black car" vs. "silver car": The drivers in each vehicle appeared to spend close to two hours — from 6:20 p.m., seemingly until past 8 p.m. — trying to parallel park along a sidewalk...I mean...come on!

The first photo showed the two cars vying for the 'primal spot' in the neighborhoodt. The silver car, according to the Twitter user, was apparently blocking the black car from parking. The drivers of both vehicles waited in the street, eventually turning on their hazard lights and backing up traffic because of their standoff.


The over two hour standoff continues - see below:


The standoff intensifies as the night continues. In the video we see that a parking spot even opens up across the street, but neither nudge. It is then that she turns to the internet to weigh in — who's in the right here? Black or Silver?




Leave your thoughts and comments on this. So hilarious

Photos: Pulled from Tweets from user @Mrhflrs

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