NASA Will Pay People $19,000 To Stay in Bed For 2 months


Whoever said the perfect job doesn't exist, well they lied.

It turns out NASA is willing to pay participants about nearly $19,000 to spend two whole months watching TV in bed. Are you in?

Reports are saying that The German Aerospace Center will select 24 participants to stay asleep while they are subjected to a 60-day observation under bed rest.NASA researchers are looking at the effects of "artificial gravity" on the body to see if it may be beneficial to astronauts who spend a long time in space.

The participants will be separated into groups, but housed in a single room. The volunteers will do a number of activities lying down; such as eating, watching television, and reading for about $18,565.

One group will be rotated around in a centrifuge, akin to an artificial gravity chamber, which will force blood back into their extremities.The other group will not be moved.

Applicants must speak German and be between 24 and 55 to apply.

Visit this website to apply forNASA's German bed study.

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