Mexican Scientist Cures the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Through an original publication from El Universal , news broke that a scientist in Mexico has found a cure for the Human Papiloma Virus; also known as HPV.

A researcher from Mexico National Polytechnic Institute - Eva Ramon Gallegos - was able to completely eradicate HPV (El Universal).

Ramon Gallegos' achievement comes through a system called photodynamic therapy - which El Universal describes as a "non-invasive technique, efficient technique to prevent malignant neoplasm". The article states that malignant neoplasm is the second highest cause of death among women in Mexico.

This ground-breaking scientist has studied the effects of photodynamic therapy for over 20 years, and has treated over 420 patients in Oaxaca and Veracruz. In addition, 29 women in Mexico City have received her treatment.

Because the publications has it limits, feel free to watch the videos below, in which the scientist explains her accomplishment. KIIS FM and iHeartMedia don't own any of these pictures, nor were they the first to publish this story. The purpose of this blog is to notify the public of the great accomplishments of Scientist Eva Ramon Gallegos.

Refer to El Universal for more information on the findings and results.

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