Apparently Americans Think of Food 240 Hours Per Year

If you find yourself thinking about food more than often, this study finds that you are not alone.

A survey with 2,000 participants found that Americans think about food an average of four times a day and spend 40 minutes per day purely thinking about food. The study concludes that this adds up to more than 240 hours per year or the equivalent of over 10 entire days.

This study was conducted by One Poll - on behalf of the almond company Blue Diamond Almonds. The study revolved around when Americans mostly cave into their cravings and that usually happens a little after 2:30 PM.

Here's a brief break down of what the study found:

  1. Chocolate is the most craved food when people think of what to eat.
  2. Honey bacon was another VERY common craving.

What do you guys think of these findings? Sounds very accurate. Leave your thoughts and comments!

Photos: Getty Images

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