Mom Shares Security Camera Footage Showing Ghost of Her Dead Son

Do you believe in ghosts? Well you might after this.

A woman named Jennifer Bryant Hodge went to Facebook to share her shocking and chilling experience with a ghost....who so happens to be her son....who died over two years ago.

Her son, who died from an accidental overdose, made an apparition on her security camera, and she believes it was to let her know he was "happy."

Jennifer Hodge of Atlanta, Georgia says she was in bed watching TV with her daughter, Lauren, when she received an alert from her Nest camera, which is triggered by movement and noise, that a “person” was “spotted” in the entryway last week.

Spooky, right? Well take a look at the email screen-shot and actual image she shared on Facebook below:

Screen Grab From Facebook (Shared by Jennifer Bryant Hodge)

Can you imagine, sitting at home and your security camera notifies you that a person was captured, and of all things, its someone who looks exactly like you deceased child? Chilling!

It seemed to look just like Hodge’s late son, Robbie — down to the beard. Robbie passed away in 2016 when he was only 23 years old. They believe the cause of death was an accidental overdose from fake Xanax.

Read what Hodge wrote on Facebook:

I was laying in bed watching TV with my daughter and I was just about asleep. The phone was lay between us and I got this message notification saying someone was in the kitchen. She was like ‘Mum, there’s a person in the kitchen… Mum, that’s Robbie ,'” Hodge said . “S he just said, ‘Mum, look! It looks like Robbie.’ I was stunned. And it did look just like him — beard and all.”

She added “ That brings me some comfort, but I still just think it’s weird. I’m in awe — why did this happen to me? I haven’t seen anything since, and I had never seen a ghost before. Does it look like Robbie? Yes. I would love to see anybody else’s camera where people might look transparent. This is just weird.

See the enlarged image below and let us know what you think:

Photos: Via Facebook

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