Twitter Users Are Convinced Grover Cursed on 'Sesame Street'

It seems the internet has found its newest "Laurel vs. Yanni"-styled debate, and this time it involves the beloved Sesame Street.

Did the character Grover just drop the F-bomb? 

A scene from the hit-show has gone viral after a fan shared to Twitter what seems to be the blue muppet saying the F-Word and people continue to debate whether he uttered a swear word or not.

You may hear Grover say, "That's a f--kin' excellent idea," or, you may hear him say, "That sounds like an excellent idea," which is likely what he actually said and what was printed in the script.

Watch the clip from Sesame Street below:


I for sure heard the F-word, but many are arguing that they are hearing the other option. Here is what people are sayin on Twitter: 

Some are hearing both audio versions while others are simply stating how shocked they truly are: 


Photos: Getty Images

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