Postmates Reveals 2018 Ordering Trends

Do you ever think about the items other people order via Postmates? Maybe you're not the only person who orders 24 cookies at 10 PM?

Postmates has revealed some interesting facts and trends throughout 2018.

With more than 200,000 orders delivered, certain trends emerged around various holidays and national events. Get ready, because some of these are humorous, and others are straight-up strange.  

Here is a dated list of the weirdest and most hilarious Postmates order, released by the company itself: 

January 1: Tylenol, Advil and Pedialyte were the most the items most ordered by Postmates. Any guesses as to why? 

January 31: Really random, but someone ordered $1,000 worth of Taco Bell (supposedly 332 times)....Maybe Post Malone? Remember he admitted he religiously orders from the app. 

February 4: On Super Bowl Sunday, orders from Buffalo Wild Wings tripled. 

February 14Pretty sure you can guess this one.....(romantic chocolates and yes, adult toys).

March 17You will get a kick out of this one. Postmates accidentally dropped off five bags with 200 limes instead of the five limes Chrissy Teigen ordered from John Legend’s Postmates account. Six hours later, she shared photos of the 3 delicious lime pies she made.

April 20Postmates reported a spike in fries, shakes, cheese sticks and chicken nuggets. Not surprising, right? 

May 1Super random, but orders for Russian food spiked this day. Might've been all the talk about Russia. 

July 4A large amount of orders for bags of ice, Shake Shack hot dogs and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream pints than any other day of the year. 

September 27Alcohol orders spiked 48 percent in Washington, D.C. on the same day as the Brett Kavanaugh hearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

Postmates also provided data in terms of favorite foods in certain regions.In Los Angeles, celeb-friendly Joan’s on Third took the top spot with its Chinese chicken salad, while New Yorkers were partial to the cottage fries from J.G. Melon

How funny! I still think the funniest fact is that Post Malone spent thousands of dollars on Postmates this year. What did you guys find the most interesting? Leave your comments.

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