This Campaign Went Viral For Featuring Different Sized Models

A U.K.-based clothing company has gone viral for a global campaign which features two different-sized models wearing the same garments. 

The photos have Twitter and shoppers buzzing over a commonly asked question: "How will this look on me?"

The company, PrettyLittleThing, is making sure to celebrate the diverse range of body types. Each article of clothing will be available in sizes 0-26. In these campaign photos, the clothing is show side by side with different body types to help alleviate the stresses of online shopping! 


The internet - especially Twitter - is applauding the U.K.-based company's groundbreaking move. Check out some Tweets that are gaining popularity: 


Even people who aren't usually huge fans of the brand had to give it props. "I’m personally not a fan of their clothes," another user wrote. "But this is such a good thing! More companies need to take note."


This is so admirable! I know I struggle with online shopping and really do ask myself that question of "How will that look on me if I order this?"

I hope this inspires other major clothing companies to make a similar move. Representation matters and it is so important to show that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Photos: Twitter/Pretty Little Thing Website

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